With the right SEO plan in place, you can capture potential customers as they are out there asking questions that your brand can help answer.

Why we are different

We turn to search engines to help us solve problems, often opening Google on our laptops or phones several times a day to find information in real time. Whether we are looking for a local hair salon, searching for pecan pie recipes, or teaching ourselves a new skill, we are constantly interacting with brands through search. Our strategies are aimed at helping your business achieve visibility in the most valuable ways possible, for the right audiences, at the right time.


Stakeholder Alignment

Most business owners are aware that they should be optimizing their websites for search, but the really important question is why. What are your goals for your site? How do you capture business leads? Rather, what do you consider to be a lead? These are all important questions we make sure to understand at the very beginning, to ensure that all of our efforts move the right needle.

SEO Audit

In order to build a plan that helps you accomplish your goals, we must first evaluate the health of your website. Are there technical errors preventing your site from appearing in the search results? Are search engines able to read and understand the structure of your site in the clearest way possible, ensuring that your most important information is surfaced? By conducting an internal linking and technical audit, we know what items to prioritize, problems to eradicate, and what information to organize.

Keyword Research

SEO is not about ranking for the most popular searches out there – it’s about being found with the right ones for your business. When we perform keyword research, we always ask ourselves whether each keyword captures the right intent of the individual looking for answers. Does it pair with the products, services, or information your business provides? Are there gaps between what people are searching for and what you could provide as a business? This helps us to identify growth opportunities, the terms most valuable to your growth, and how to use them to best leverage your business for organic visibility.   

Redesign Strategy

When SEO is forgotten during the redesign process, a website can take a massive hit in search rankings, which can be detrimental for any business. But, when done right, an SEO Redesign Strategy can not only prevent your site from losing organic traffic, but set your site up for prolonged future success. From transferring domains, website facelifts, and dramatic tear-down rebuilds, we are well-versed and prepared for any SEO redesign environment.

Monthly Ranking Analytics

So, you have a brand new, shiny, and elaborate SEO strategy in place. But something is missing. How do you know if your plan is working? Are you showing up for the right keywords? Are people actually visiting your site? Our detailed SEO reporting process looks at month-over-month and year-over-year keyword rankings, actual website traffic, seasonal changes, and ensures that you understand what’s happening every step of the way.


What use is an SEO strategy without someone to breathe it into your site? From technical fixes to tactical on-page alterations, we truly practice what we preach. We have experience making changes directly into the CMS your site lives on, consulting with your in-house developers, or even teaching you how to make those changes yourself.

Off-Page Strategy

For some businesses in more competitive markets, simply having a robust content experience sometimes just isn’t enough. Search engines need to know that they can trust your site beyond the expertise that lies in the body of information they can read. Links from other trustworthy, relevant websites indicate to search engines that your information is not only trusted, but recommended. We engage in entirely white-hat backlink practices, and almost always recommend some amount of off-page strategy into any integrated SEO package.

SEO Copywriting

No keyword stuffing, no funny business, no kidding. When we create new content to help bring visibility to your brand, we ensure that the copy is always designed for the reader first, and the search engine second.



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